Benefits of Owning a Second Home in Spain

Spain is one of the most popular countries in Europe for holiday-makers and tourists. The climate is enviable, with hot summers and mild winters. Every region of Spain has its own, unique culture, different styles of food, traditions and local fiestas. One thing, that every city, town or village, has in common is a warm welcome.

If you are thinking of buying a second home, you are sure to find a place in Spain that has the right life-style for you. Costal areas are a great attraction; the Costa Brava, Costa  Dorada, Costa del Sol or the Costa Blanca, are all tempting locations for a second home. For city lovers, Seville, Madrid, Granada or Barcelona, are all historic, cosmopolitan cities, ideal for holiday apartments. Spain has locations for all tastes; there is the Camino de Santiago to be walked and the slopes of Sierra Nevada to be skied.

Owning your own second home means that you visit whenever you wish, and for as long as you wish. Budget allowing, you can choose the type of property you want, be it a studio, an apartment, a town house or a villa. Your property will be suitable for you and your family and you can equip it to your needs and taste. Excess luggage does not have to be carried to and fro; it can be left in a wardrobe.

Many second home owners find that an extended stay in the winter months is beneficial with blue skies and lower heating bills.

Owning a second home will mean that you will have more time to get to know the region of your choice. Spanish is a relatively easy language to pick up, and in general, the local residents are helpful. Local shops and markets supply very fresh, seasonal fruit and vegetables, a wide variety of different fish, and fresh meat. Visiting “bodegas” and enjoying “tapas” are part of the Spanish way of life and a custom well worth adopting.

Many people find it financially beneficial to rent out their home to holidaymakers or travel companies. If you are interested in using your second home for holiday renting, it will be necessary to check with the local town hall authorities, in order to ensure that permission for holiday rental is available. A good number of apartment blocks and housing estates are solely for residential purposes and can only be let for long term rentals.

Home prices vary largely and at the moment there is a glut of properties on the market, so it can be a good time to invest. Take into consideration travel needs; you do not want to be too far from buses, trains or airports. Some bargains are to be found for a quick sale, but it is always best not to rush when buying abroad. A second home in Spain should be an investment to be enjoyed.

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